Urbanism (english track)

The Urbanism track of the official MBArch, taught at the Barcelona School of Architecture, continues the experience of the official Urbanism Master of Research, with a long tradition and international recognition. This track is offered in English or in Spanish (access here: MBArch Urbanismo [español]).

This line covers, from different perspectives, the analysis of urban phenomena, combining research with design, specialization with interdisciplinary approaches, and theory with practice, offering new interpretations and areas of original reflection.

This track offers the necessary training complements for the PhD Program in Urbanism, distinguished since its inception with the Mention of Excellence, and opens therefore the possibility to continue with doctoral studies in Urbanism.

This line aims to train professionals to face the challenges of contemporary urbanism and to attend to the development of new analysis and project tools to intervene in diverse contexts.

Academic coordinator:  Prof. Álvaro Clua (Department of Urbanism, Territory and Landscape)

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