MBARCH - Track Urban Management and Valuation

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The MBArch’s specialization line in Urban and Architectonic Management and Valuation (GVUA) gives continuity to the previous Master in Urban Management and Valuations (MGVU), realized since 2006-2007, with a long tradition in other previous academic programs.

In its nine editions titled more than 200 students and on June of 2014 received the distinctive mention International Master’s Programme (IMP) for masters taught in Catalonia, granted by the Executive Committee of AGAUR, of the Catalan Government.

his track offers the necessary training complements for the PhD Program in Urban and Architectonic Management and Valuations, unique in Spain in this specialty, with a long and recognized academic and scientific career.

In this sense, the line trains researchers in urban planning, land management, urban assessment and real state, especially on urban territory and architecture, integrating disciplines such as urban land management, property valuations, environmental impact studies and assessments, geographical information systems, and the application of the new information and communication technologies and telecommunications in the analysis and management of the city, including remote sensing, 3D modelling and virtual reality.

Traditional disciplines (architecture, geography and economics), do not confront the fields at the frontier of different fields of knowledge with sufficient emphasis. Urban planning and management of the city and the economic, social and environmental evaluation of urban transformations, as well as urban sociology, are examples of these disciplines, lying at the frontier between traditional subject areas, which have not obtained sufficient attention in the official study plans. Therefore our line aims to fill this existing deficit in our house.

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