MBARCH - TRACK Architectural Renovation and Conservation

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Given the increasing need of intervention in existing buildings and the growing social sensibility towards the preservation of the values associated to historical urban centres and heritage buildings and ensembles, it seems advisable to set out a specific framework to deepen into these issues that builds upon the knowledge taught at the bachelor’s degree in order to allow for a more explained, rigorous, analytical and proactive development of architectural rehabilitation and restoration tasks.

Therefore, the subjects of this speciality approach from different perspectives those issues related with the historical construction, the resources available for the assessment and analysis of existing buildings, the techniques to be employed in such interventions according to the given security and habitability conditions, or the practical application of these techniques – always taking into account the particular circumstances that need to be observed in the intervention in heritage buildings.

Así mismo, las materias de esta línea de especialidad se aproximan des de distintas perspectivas a aquellas cuestiones vinculadas a la construcción histórica, los procedimientos para la diagnosis y análisis de la edificación existente, las técnicas de intervención para mejorar las condiciones de seguridad y habitabilidad del parque edificado, o bien la aplicación práctica de estas técnicas en propuestas de intervención – siempre teniendo en cuenta las circunstancias particulares que condicionan la intervención sobre edificios patrimoniales.

Furthermore, the proposed programme also wants to provide students with the necessary knowledge to meet the growing demand of adapting existing buildings according to the current requirements of energy, accessibility and habitability, and to address the specific casuistry of the changes in use, an increasing tendency in buildings of very different nature located in urban, industrial and rural areas.

This program benefits from the large teaching experience developed in first cycle (bachelor) degrees and postgraduate degrees in the field of building rehabilitation and restoration, specially at the ETSAB, with the participation of professors established as teachers and researchers, authors of widely spread publications, projects and studies.

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