MBARCH - TRACK Technological Innovation in Architecture

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The “´Master of Technological Innovation in Architecture ITA” evolves from the experience of the University Master’s Degree in Architecture Technology MUTA taught between 1997 and 2007. The new ITA master incorporates aspects related to the technological innovation present in current architecture, especially with sustainable construction, the industrialization of construction, the environmental conditioning systems of buildings aimed at almost zero energy consumption, and digital techniques of design and material production, positioning itself as the most innovative and advanced in a period of great social and technological changes.

The subjects that are taught deepen both design and architectural design aspects as well as aspects of technical design and construction calculations.


Thus, specific aspects of theoretical-critical analysis, graphic representation, environmental and sensorial design, innovation in materials and new products for construction, prefabricated construction systems and industrialized construction, recycling and life cycle assessments, structural optimization, energy saving, etc …


The theoretical training is applied by individual and group work of each subject development. Digital tools and computer programs adapted to the most stringent current requirements and regulations are included.

Classroom training is complemented by the most advanced construction sector industries visits, also by visits on site to unique works of special relevance with the subjects. The training is also based on conferences and debates with prestigious professional specialists and study trips.


With all this it is intended that the student acquires a specialized training with a great critical capacity that allows him to become a reference specialist capable of integrating both in multidisciplinary architecture teams as in institutions and universities.

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