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The Contemporary Project wants to distill the contents of the Catalan and Barcelona experience of architecture, from objects (Modernisme, Gaudí, Jujol, Domenech, Miralles) to systems (Olympic, seafront), on all the stairs and scenarios: we do not believe in scale hierarchies.

The different periods have in common the attention to the place, the emphasis on the materiality, the revolution and subversion in the hierarchies of scale. The Master trains to think and develop the project from multiplicity. Each project creates its own path of development.

The Contemporary Project collects and permanently updates the cultural and vital positions of Catalan and Catalan architecture, now adding specific attention to the program, as a conceptual source of creation and intensity, which can be maintained despite changes in uses that will come with the anarchic postmodern drift.

The Contemporary Project is taught entirely in ENGLISH and has an international vocation. He wants to collect the experience of the students who come from all over the world and establish a debate that will allow us to detect those aspects common to contemporary forms of life, while at the same time putting in value the multiple identities.

What do we offer?
  • A training to tackle the project between scales and at any scale.
  • To break the common path of going from the largest scale to the smallest, and also break the neo-path in the opposite direction. That is, we offer projecting all the scales at the same time.
  • A vital understanding of materiality; -we have the Modernist tradition behind-, which does not appear in the end, -as usual, as a finish- but as a vital fact from the beginning of the project.
Our Service