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The mbarch’s specialization line in architecture, energy and environment is oriented to research in the fields of energy in architecture through its different expressions: light, temperature, acoustics. Bioclimatic architecture, interior and urban comfort, the integration of renewable energies in architecture, and other aspects related to energy and urban morphology are object of research.

The contents of this master prepare candidates to access the phd program in architecture, energy and environment, so that the master’s degree acts as a teaching phase of the doctorate.

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The master’s program prepares students to assess the environmental impact of architectural and urban decisions on design processes, as well as to apply energy and environmentally-oriented guidelines in their projects. To do this, the master mas expert teachers in different areas that accompany students in their learning process.


The objective is that students acquire a perfect control of the analysis of the energetic environments in architecture and its aesthetic and functional components, as well as its repercussion in the perception and comfort of the users. In this way, students are expected to be able to experiment, with a solid academic base, new architectural approaches.

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