To be able to enrol in the Master MBArch, you need previously request for admission. This can be done online in the admissions page of the ETSAB.

Access and Admission

The candidates’ merit assessment will include:

  • The weighting of the candidates’ transcripts
  • The data requested in the questionnaire and the portfolio
  • The correspondence between the curriculum of the degree of origin and the master’s
  • Where appropriate, the accreditation of specific language skills


Once the application for admission is approved, students may enrol.

The first enrollment for new students must be a face-to-face process, so the assigned day the student has to be in the School for attending the enrolment process or instead, an authorized person that can make the process official.

To obtain all the information about the enrollment, click on the button:


Contact details:

  • Secretary of Degree and Master Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona (ETSAB)
  • Av. Diagonal, 649, 1st floor 08028 Barcelona, Spain

To see updated schedules and contact personnel, visit the ETSAB Contact page: