Urban Planners in Their Cities

The course is focused on the study and learning of the theory of the city based on the architecture of specific cities. It examines urban theories developed by planners or urban theorists who have lived with particular intensity a particular city.

This led them to shape a theory of city building arising from interpretations of each city historical formation. In all city theories studied, urban history is not seen as a simple sequence of events but as a process where space plays a decisive role. It is assumed that all these theories made a substantial contribution to the advance of city knowledge and to the development of Urbanism.

The course´s method combines different types of activities. Lectures of the program (11) will be followed by several sessions of participatory lectures where students take an active role. These classroom lectures are compatible with a work of personal student research throughout the semester on the urban theory of an author or group of authors.

The necessary context within the framework of the course of the incidence of the studied author must add the critical analysis of his contribution related to the study of the city in history by other authors.

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