Master’s Thesis (Project, Process and Programming)

The Seminar aims to take advantage of the postgraduate studies momentum to work with higher intensity on what we could consider the conditions that originate an architectural project, trying at the same time to practise and expand everything that ‘happens’ before the project actually takes place. With this purpose, we will study various case studies —significant urban complexes— paying attention to what happens amongst the elements of these complexes and simultaneously studying them as if they were objects. These elements are a varied collection of public spaces and places, collectives and privates chosen due to its complexity: crossroads, streets, buildings, each one of them placed in Barcelona or its metropolitan area.These are the topics the students will work on during the Seminar.


The Seminar proposes to develop the MA dissertation based on the aforementioned topics. Furthermore, it also proposes a series of discussions about the on-going dissertations, which will help to clarify and give the precise consistency to the future dissertations. The topics will be studied in a wide range of ways. Every topic will be studied in depth through drawings, diagrams, situations and confrontations made from the existing information. Comparisons amongst these places and some other ones in the same or in a different city in order to have diverse points of view will be key.

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Valentin Kokudev


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