The Territory as Architecture

This subject focuses on the research and the project of the phenomena, processes and forms of urbanization of the contemporary territory beyond the limits of the compact city.

Country, periphery, urban borders or infra-urbanization are phenomena and spaces observed from the architecture of the territory, through an interpretative analysis of its formal components.

Based on the understanding of the logics of territorial construction of some case studies, a broad field of reflection on the diversity of territorial patterns and strategies and intervention projects on contemporary territory is opened.

The course proposes to recognize scattered and diffuse forms of construction based on a synthetic reading of the formal components of the territory. Concepts and instruments of analysis and project related with metropolitan and rural urbanization are developed. From the readings of different territories, especially the metropolitan region of Barcelona as a privileged laboratory, the epistemological bases for the understanding of other contemporary urban-territorial realities of varying scale and condition are established.

The main concepts are developed in theoretical sessions distributed throughout the year. Based on the main contents elaborated in the first sessions, individual work topics will be suggested for students that will also be incorporated through presentations and collective discussions.

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