Urban and Architectural Management and Valuation Research Seminar

Its main objective is to initiate the students in the research areas in the diverse thematic fields of the line, supplying the theoretical and practical tools, as well as the necessary techniques to face a research project, as well as to develop a case study, by incorporating the person to one of the projects, in progress, developed by the research group responsible for the line.


To achieve this previously indicated, the subject pivots around a specific Research Project, aimed at training students in a real research experience. The different ongoing projects carried out by the research group are presented (for example, the analysis of the Urban Sprawl, the study of polycentrism and subcenters, the city as a sphere for coexistence, the development of new methodologies for the evaluation of the city, the residential and social problems of urban habitat, climate change and the introduction of measures for it prevention in regional and urban planning, the energy efficiency of buildings and their relationship with real estate values, etc.). The student must be incorporated in one of them in a tutored way.

In this way, work within a team of research and joint work is experienced, fostering collective participation and deepening the practical and concrete learning of research methodologies. Finally a work must be delivered (supervised by the responsible professor in each case), with a structure that responds to the logic of a structured research work and with verifiable results, as far as possible to be published.

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