Renovation in Large Residential Complexes and Industrial Areas

The subject purposes a methodological approach to two different profiles in diverse scales, which are related with the need of rehabilitation interventions in short or midterm. Firstly, the problematic of Large Housing Estates is treated: housing groups that were built over the years of mass housing construction in metropolitan environments (1950-1975 period). Generally, those building groups nowadays present important disadjustments of different order (social, public space, and functional and energetic building conditions) that result in a need of intervention.

The subject purposes several visits and study case analysis of some large housing estates in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, as well as a practical project that consists on the resolution of some of the mentioned issues.

On the other hand, the subject also treats the specific case of industrial historical areas and industrial contemporary obsolete areas. These building groups have remained over the years thanks to their great adaptation capacity, in the scope of multiple context, economic and social transformations that usually refer to the need of architecture and urban transformation and reuse.

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H. Anchundia || I. Montoliu || J. Santacruz || M. Velarde

J. Colell || M. Luzuriaga || V. Rojas || S. Ye


Arch. rehabilitation and restoration Subjects