Urban Policies and City Management

The following topics are developed:

  • Urban management concept, in relation to legal structure of urban planning. Historical evolution of urban management models.
  • Right of private property and urban regimes of land ownership: urban rights and duties.
  • Techniques of urban planning: land classification and urban qualification.
  • Integration of environmental factors in planning and urban development.
  • Urban profit of land: equitable distribution of benefits and charges of urban action and participation of the community in the land appreciation.
  • Execution of urban planning. Territorial areas and systems of urban action. A-systemic actions and city management. Organizational forms of public administration for the execution of urban planning.
  • Economic valuation of land in urban management procedures.
  • Integration of legality protection mechanisms in urban management.
  • Land and housing policy models; its historical appearance and its objectives. Relations between land policy and the real estate market; factors that from urban planning may influence the normalization of the land market.
  • Study of land and housing policies; critical analysis of the predominant: liberalization of the land market, interventionism, etc.
  • Development of the main elements of urban policy (analysis of offer and demand of land and housing, accessibility to the market, financing, taxation …) and analysis of basic management instruments; expropriation, free land acquisition resulting from private management processes, land reserves for social housing, public land patrimony, intervention in the market, rental policy, etc.
  • Sectoral problems of the residential market and accessibility to housing; youth, third age and immigrants, overcrowding, “gated communities” and social polarization of the urban space.
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