New Representations. New Concepcions

The main objective is to improve the creative drawing skills through practice, reflection and the learning of a new way of “looking”. One of the threads will be the review of outstanding graphic documents of the creative process, where the student will find references from other disciplines to dialogues with documents from architects who have drawing as a tool for creation.

Within the framework of the “The Contemporary Project” specialization, which aims to “distil the Catalan and Barcelona architectural experience”, the studio aims to promote the development of creativity through drawing as a knowledge tool.

The successful experience of Enric Miralles, not only has left us an interesting legacy of architectural works in Barcelona, but also a uniquely creative graphic production that connects with an entire world of references from different disciplines, like the exceptional architectures and drawings of Gaudí or Jujol.

The studio will focus on the development, research and / or rediscovery of useful graphic representation tools to enrich the content and visual richness of the projects, through case studies of the fertile Catalan panorama of different architectural and artistic movements. Using an active methodology, shared inside and outside the classroom (visits, team research, thematic and cross-sectional classes, presentations, debates, assemblies in the classroom, etc.), and the development of individual and collective graphical exercises; will lead to learning a new way of “looking”, Therefore, the student will rediscover references and suggestive patterns, expected and unexpected connections that enrich the cases studied and make them extremely attractive. As a result, it will empower the creative drawing skills of the students.

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Enric Miralles, 1992.

Enric Miralles, 1991


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