Evolution of Building Materials and Products

The subject combines theoretical classes with a practical exercise to be developed by the students. The objective is to analyze the vectors that enhance the appearance of new construction materials and the construction systems derived from them. Far from a classical analysis of the materials just for their physico-chemical properties, the course proposes to study the possibility of creating a new constructive material or a new use for existing materials or construction systems.

The practical work consists in managing a utility model (a simplified version of a patent), familiarizing the student with concepts such as: Innovation, Technical sector, State of the art, while the student acquires knowledge about the benefit analysis and the potential of new materials and systems. The theoretical classes and their subsequent debates focus on: Biomaterials, biomimicry, nanotechnology, new thermal materials and translucent materials … etc.

The theoretical classes are organized as brief lectures followed by a debate and are taught by the people in charge of the subject and by external guests of recognized prestige.

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D. Escolano || M Barba || A. Pichardo

O.Ariza || G. Reino || C. Giler

A. Peralta || V. Gonzales || J. Melchor

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