Innovative and Advanced Structural Materials

The subject is mainly organized with some intensive theoretical sessions to provide students with the knowledge necessary to tackle the course work.

It is a subject of structures in which students are provided with the basic tools and knowledge necessary to deal with an architectural design through wood structure and the approach in other materials (laminated elements of pultruded, glass structures) with guarantees.

The purpose of comparing the result of executing a structure with different materials, at a resistant, economic and sustainability level (CO2 consumption).

The program of the subject begins with some rather theoretical sessions in which the behavior of the wood and laminated elements of fibers and pultruded as material is explained and the bases are introduced that allow an analysis of structures porticated, of light framework or CLT in the case of wood and arcaded in the case of pultruded, which allow subsequently design, analyze and quantify a certain course structure.At the master class level, structural behaviors of other materials, such as glass or ceramics, will be explained, depending on the time available.

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