Master’s Thesis (Architecture, Energy and Environment)

Preparation of an original research work, carried out individually, focused on a topic of scientific interest related to the content of the master’s degree. The contribution of the research work should extend the current knowledge and experience through the application of the scientific method in a technical document. The tutor keeps track of the evolution of the work and the intellectual maturity of the student, so that he can expose and defend his contribution in front of a university examination board.
The Master’s Final Project culminates the academic learning process of the student.

Specific objectives

The main objective of the Master’s Thesis is to prepare students to be able to demonstrate intellectual maturity, critical spirit and the use of the knowledge acquired in the program. The second objective is that students can demonstrate a broad knowledge of the state of the matter in their area of specialization. The third objective is training them to achieve this task individually and prepare them to present and defend the results in front of a multidisciplinary university examination board.

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