Integrated Exterior Cladding

The subject is organized as a seminar. The objective is to make an analysis of the facades from the functions that they solve and how the satisfaction of these functions conditions the design of the envelope, both from purely constructive and architectural aspects.

The basic concepts that guide the course are:

Integral façade: They are facades that integrate diverse components to be able to satisfy all the functions that are required to him, mainly of conditioning of the interior space.

Design requirements: Solve the facades by juxtaposing components with dry reversible joints in an element that allows various configurations suitable for various comfort scenarios.

The components: They are characterized by their high degree of industrialization and prefabrication and by resorting to dry construction techniques that facilitate assembly and disassembly.

The integration: the design of the integrating façade can be based on this juxtaposition of diverse components, each of them capable of solving specific functions or starting with the dismemberment of these components and their reorganization into a new multifunctional component.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages that will be valued in the course.

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D. Ugalde || S. Gonzalez || S. Dreifuss || B. Tamayo || R. Soto

J. Antinori || S. Cortés || J. Flores || S. Huang

A. Alonzo || N. Alvarado || A. Peralta


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