Strategies for Zero-Energy Buildings

Train students with the theoretical basis necessary to develop a comprehensive project of almost zero energy consumption (NZEB buildings), both for new construction and rehabilitation, based on the European energy policy trend in the building sector.

Raising the agenda from a holistic vision of design, where technical and architectural integration will be the key objective. Defining the parameters and calculation models needed to facilitate the choice of construction systems and facilities • adequate facilities to achieve a NZEB building with optimal cost.

The theoretical approach will be based on criteria of energy and environmental savings, through the knowledge and application of the regulations that apply to both the state and European trends.The practical approach will be done with the support of existing practical cases and the official energy certification program HULC (Unified Tool Leader-Calener) to consolidate and evaluate the concepts developed in the theoretical part.

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Rodolfo Soto || Fernanda Paniagua || Angie Genao || Caridad López || Andrea Narváez

N. Revelo || B. Tamayo || Y. Zhao || M.I. El·Hage

N. Revelo || B. Tamayo || Y. Zhao || M.I. El·Hage


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