Urban Landscapes

The course faces the public realm as an architectural work. It explores its construction over time, the collaboration challenge that it represents and thus, the scenario and cohesive role that it plays in our society.  The public realm is the place where architecture makes no sense without events and public spaces. Buildings become mere objects without the public space that connects them. The public realm is also the place where agreements in relation to citizenship and actions take place. Its nature makes it depend on the architecture that defines itself and, at the same time, its architecture helps to configure and define its perimeter.


Architecture and public space have always hatched a complex relation. This relation makes it banal trying to see each other as independent elements, one without the other. The public realm is another manifestation of how we can read the city through its sedimentation over the time. The course also proposes to create a relation between public and private space through various lectures about some aspects, which put in relation the city and the street as urban scenario. Furthermore, the lectures will provide the course with different topics to debate and will be completed with discussions and reviews of the three works that each student will develop during the course.

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