Regional and Urban Economy

The main objectives are:

  • Learn the mechanisms of economic nature that govern the functioning of the city, understood as the spatial distribution of land values, the processes of allocation of use and intensity of land use, the location of economic activities and households and the impact of these elements on the urban structure and the efficiency of urbanization. The course places special emphasis on understanding the interaction between the aforementioned elements. In doing so, the underlying theories are studied, regarding to the formation of land rent, the allocation of land uses, the location of economic activities, the location of households and real estate production. This knowledge will allow students to know the collateral effects of the intervention in each of these urban vectors, and be able to design public policies of an urban nature aimed at solving the distortions caused by the city’s functioning. It will also lay the foundations for the understanding of urban and real estate valuation methods.

Specific topics:

  • Economic principles of the functioning of urban systems
    – Mechanism of formation of land value.
    – Mechanism of formation of land uses.
    – Mechanism of formation of the density of use of the ground, approximation of the factor of substitution in the real estate production.
    – The impact of externalities on the formation of land rent.
  • Locational rationales for households and economic activities.
    – Externalities of socioeconomic nature and their impact on land rent and residential segregation.
    – The impact of the real estate market on segregation and residential changes.
    – The location of economic activity in relation to accessibility, industrial links and the formation of market areas.
    – The location of economic activity in relation to the economies of agglomeration and de-agglomeration.
  • Forms of urban structuration
    – Monocentrism, polycentrism and dispersion, traditional and contemporary methods of identifying sub-centres.
    – The impact of the urban structure on the efficiency of urbanization.
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