The purpose of the subject is to study the domestic condition, as a way of relating to others and appropriating the environment. Presence and activity are taken as indicators that allow to decompose and recompose this condition in turn. The aim of this process is multiple: deepening in the field of domestics; broadening the perspective to other fields, from the city to contemporary art; comparing and associating as methods of study and architectural criticism; questioning and discussing certainties acquired about domestics, about the house and its relationship with the street and the city.

The subject is organized in a set of interlinked theoretical and workshop sessions. The former shape a set of critical comments on the ability of domestics to model the architectural space. The latter offer students a scenario for discussion based on their own work, consisting of a book participated by all of them, that gathers in a single articulated essay written and graphic reflections about the nature of domestics. The purpose is that the topics displayed on the lessons may establish an active tension with the exercises developed by students, so that the subject benefits from this dialogue.

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Mar Hernández, 2015

Verner Panton, 1969


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