Designing the City. Emerging Cities and Territories

The specific object of this course is to offer a compendium of knowledge and a space for reflection on the interaction between the metro and the city it serves. The relationships between the structure of a metropolitan city and the lines that make up its metro network are powerful and not always obvious. In the current discussions on mobility in cities, metro is at the crossroads of many decisions, hence the value of establishing its urban meaning precisely and thus revealing nuanced visions of the general form of the city itself.

The course consists of a set of lessons and parallel seminar sessions. The lessons begin with a group of basic topics (atlas of world metros / networks topology / Paris – canon) to continue with four lessons that review a century of urban development in Barcelona from the perspective of mobility. The course ends explaining current topics (high speed / system integration in European cities / the Santiago de Chile paradigm) and a prospective trial on mobility in the next decade.

The seminar will be the opportunity to conduct small tutored research on one of the following environments: (1) emerging cities, (2) multimodal mobility in European cities (3) major metropolises of reference.

The evaluation of the course will be the sum of the attendance to the lessons, the small investigation and the participation in the seminar.

Metro. Metropolitan Galaxies (J.Parcerisa, M.Rubert de Ventós, Edicions UPC 2002) is the reference book. Other documents will be provided throughout the course.

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