Architectural Criticism: Production, Reproduction and Debate

The course is based in the aim of reconstructing and interpreting the meaning of some of the key architectural works of the period 1930-1989. The circumstances of their production and the framework of interpretations that has shaped their historiographical tradition will be studied.

Also, the influence of mass media in the construction of culture, criticism and theory of modern and contemporary architecture will be reviewed. The starting point is the verification of its determining function, in terms of the definition of the contents that are expressed at each moment, in their selective nature with regard to what they transmit at each moment and finally, in their capacity to influence on different currents and ideological debates.

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The International Style – Henry-Russell Hitchcock || Philip Johnson, 1932.

This Is Tomorrow – Group 6: Nigel Henderson || Eduardo Paolozzi || Allison Smithson || Peter Smithson, 1956.

Paolo Portoghesi – Strada Novissima, La Presenza del Passato, 1980.

All Theory, History and Culture Subjects