Architecture, Theory and Criticism (Architectural Renovation and Conservation)

The first part of the subject consists on several conferences addressed to all master students that are structured in three topics: international references, national references and a third topic that refers to each master specialization line.

The second part of the subject is based on colloquiums, debates and seminars that each line organizes for each subject. Criteria for the intervention on existing buildings will be analysed, in combination with visits on rehabilitation works. Critical debate and thinking will be stimulated among the students, based on the observation and comments on rehabilitation projects.

An individual project of the students synthesizes their opinion on the attended conferences and purposed debates. This first personal synthesis of the purposed topics and colloquiums will also be complemented with an introduction of the key topics for the master final project.

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E. Martin || S. Vima || P. Vargas

E. Martin || S. Vima || P. Vargas


Arch. rehabilitation and restoration Subjects