Architecture, Theory and Criticism (Contemporary Project)

We defend for middle and poor countries, as is used to be at the Mediterranean milieu, spaces structured by neutrals, a-temporal, elements, placed in highly significant spaces by the entourage and the passing time.

We are just coming from a professional practice very motivated by the context, not only in physical terms. We do pay attention to the specific of any program and place, included the passing time.

No sense, then, a pre-established style. But many criteria are present from the beginning. We propose a simultaneous attention – no priory’s admitted –   to the heterogeneous data of the project: physical, emotional, etc.. From the deal in between this heterogeneity the project should come.

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Eixample Barcelona || Cerdà

Los vacíos susceptibles de proyecto entre las piezas a conservar en la Ciutat Vella de Barcelona


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