Architectural Renovation and Conservation Intervention Techniques: Occupant Safety and Health Regulations

  • Improvement of habitability conditions in the current context of building rehabilitation and restoration: normative background and intervention criteria and recommendations.
  • Graphic representation of existing buildings: tools and resources.
  • Resources for the characterization and diagnosis of materials and constructive elements
  • Energetic rehabilitation: specific aspects
  • Acoustic rehabilitation: specific aspects
  • Rehabilitation of water supply and electricity supply installations and infrastructure.
  • Historical facade and roof restoration and rehabilitation.
  • Modern facade and roof restoration and rehabilitation
  • Functional rehabilitation: interior restructuring and reuse.
  • Functional rehabilitation: improvement of accessibility conditions.
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L. Forero || M. Pavlovic || A. Martinez || P. Vargas || J. Fernandez || M. Montes || D. Miranda


S. Vima


Arch. rehabilitation and restoration Subjects