Architectural Renovation and Conservation Projects

The purpose of the subject is to put into practice the knowledge acquired by the student through its application in an intervention project on an existing building or complex, selected by the teaching team from real cases in contexts of interest or current affairs.

The proposed rehabilitation/restoration project will have as its main objective the implementation of a new use in the building. From a contemporary approach, the project must resolve the compatibility of the existing building, with its heritage, construction, space, urban values ​​… with the new functional needs raised, the current regulatory requirements (security, habitability, etc.) and the unavoidable environmental and energy efficiency requirements.

Workshop classes will alternate with case presentation sessions and real experiences, with current intervention examples presented by the authors architects themselves. These presentations will serve to establish a critical dialogue and put on the table the diversity of approaches and project criteria.

With the presentations will be carried out sessions of exhibition of the works developed by the students, with the presence of invited professors experts in the subject and of diverse disciplinary areas.

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Arch. rehabilitation and restoration Subjects