Architecture, Environment and Technology (Project, Process and Programming)

The architecture project synthesizes technological, economic, social and environmental aspects –as well as their cultural implications– to provide physical and psychological comfort to people through transforming environment. The subject is a reflection from the more theoretical side of architects practice (conceptualization) to the most applied practice (construction), going through the strategies and processes that make it possible (project).

The study is about relationships between architecture and the technical systems that materialize it, as well as their impact on the environment. It is structured in three conceptual blocks: “Translations”, which is about the incidence of concepts that have been imported by architects from other disciplines, as well as their collisions with traditional disciplinary tools; “Processes”, which is about the concepts integration in the usual process of the architecture design, characterized by a first phase of conditioning factors identification, a second phase of strategies, and a third phase of solutions proposal; and “Actions”, in which cases of study are analyzed to concretize what was stated in the two previous blocks, especially as regards their environment impact.

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