Architecture, Environment and Technology (Architectural Renovation and Conservation)

The main aim of the common subject ‘Architecture, environment and technology’ is to present the close relationship between different architecture types and their environment and context, from the perspective of Architecture History in the city of Barcelona and its surroundings.

The course consists in defining those parameters that relate to comfort in buildings and is taught through the detailed analysis of intervention cases, according to the different strategies implemented in order to adequate buildings to current environmental requirements derived from the different uses in each historical period.

Theoretical sessions are complemented with site visits in several buildings and building works where it is possible to observe the application of several criteria and intervention techniques.

In parallel, students develop a project in group that consists of a historical-constructive analysis of an industrial building in Poble Nou in Barcelona, and a critical description of the current and original environmental characteristics. The project complements the analysis elaborated within the three common subjects: Architecture, theory and critics, and Architecture, city and landscape.

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J. Colell || M. Luzuriaga || V. Rojas || S. Ye


H. Anchundia || I. Montoliu || J. Santacruz || M. Velarde


Arch. rehabilitation and restoration Subjects