Architecture, City and Project (Architectural Renovation and Conservation)

The main aim of the course is to study rehabilitation and restoration as a strategy to improve the city, analysing the urban and social impact of rehabilitation interventions in buildings and public spaces, as well as the importance of the programmatic and normative context.

The course also attempts to relate good design practices with their urban contexts, exploring their new possibilities according to the society needs and social, economic and technological transformations within the city. The analysis of concrete urban renewal examples (urban tissue, public space, walkability, building reuse, etc.) and their processes of design and implementation.

The course purposes a debate on the recuperation of collective memory values and the role of participation processes in the development of the city. Considering the citizen as an active agent in the urban rehabilitation and planning, as an individual who recognizes the city and its history with its own identity.

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Santacruz Jefferson

J. Colell || M. Luzuriaga || V. Rojas || S. Ye


Arch. rehabilitation and restoration Subjects