Architecture, City and Project (Project, Process and Programming)

The subject presents and studies in depth the city of barcelona and its metropolitan área, from a sight based on the design, urban and architectural point of view, without isolating these foci from others of the factors that build the contemporary city (management, environment, economy, politics, etc. .).

Lectures: Geography/ Before starting a Project/ Cerdà’s legacy/ Barcelona, urban planning and event/ Gaudí- Barcelona/ The start of the metropolitan city/ Oriol bohigas, designing the current city/ Interventions from the olympic architecture/ 22 @, architecture and recycling/ Barcelona architecture competitions/ Great buildings, great myths/ The City today

Practical work: There will be a practical work in teams of 2 or 3 people or individual, with public presentation every 15 days, assessing especially skills of comunication and the capacity of develope autonomous and documented opinion , on some aspect of the current Barcelona from the architecture project. The topics will be specified during the first days of the course.

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Zepellin over Barcelona

Mediatic Building. Ruiz Geli

Antituberculoso. Josep Lluis Sert


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