Design Theory

This course addresses the internal logic of the architectural project. Christian Norberg-Schulz writes in “Intentions in Architecture” that conceiving a building implies an intentionality, certain premises and procedures with which to face the formal definition of the architectural project. Thus, the aim of the course is to reflect on the ways of conceiving buildings and their internal laws, exploring the consistency of the works studied and analyzing the mechanisms, procedures, formal resources and spatial, technical and historical paradigms and the physical and social context. The conceptualization and analysis of the different compositional procedures, the relationship between composition and construction, the process as a method of project and the mechanisms of articulation that have characterized the architectural production of S. XX and XXI, will focus the objectives of the course. The history of the disciplinary trajectory is thus traced, establishing links between architecture and theory, between works and discourses. Thus, the theoretical warp of the course aims to approximate the intertwining between the work and the thought. Erich Mendelsohn writes that “when an idea is sufficiently profound, it does not reach the whole existence to exhaust it“.

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Diego Pérez García || Louis Kahn. Convento de las dominicas. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Estados Unidos, 1965-1968

María José Iturralde Durán || Manuel de Solà-Morales. Edificio de viviendas en la calle Muntaner. Barcelona, España, 1964-1967


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