All scales of the project

Academic frame

“All scales of the project” gather an international group of students who initiate studies related to the research in architecture, and it is subject framed in the MBArch – Contemporary Project (ETSAB). This subject pays special attention to the architectural design process, and discusses the different parameters
that influence it. Contemporary is considered here as a relevant parameter but the course also attend the values of the past and the possibilities of the present and the future.


The subject is presented as an opportunity to approach architectural research based on interdisciplinary debate. The cultural background of the student is really valued, and it is crucial for the course development.
The subject focuses on exercises that deal with the understanding and abstraction of reality, and studies how real parameters affect the definition of the project.
As in the previous editions of “All scales of the project”, the course lean on thoughts in contemporary art, analyzing intelligent ways of reality’ understanding.

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