Sonic Landscape and Advanced Architectural Acoustics

The sound landscape is about the sound environment that surrounds us, it is the sound expression of each place. R. Murray Schafer conceives the soundscape as an ecosystem composed of all the acoustic events of the world, the complete catalog of the sounds and sounds among which we live.

The sounds have imprecise and confusing limits, they are complex to decode. The sound space works like a multispace that is structured by layers of sound. The environments of our cities are losing definition, there is a certain amalgamation of sound and usually they are losing sound characteristics that were characteristic and sound marks that marked their differentiation.

The project initiated by Schafer had a double aspect: an educational one, encouraging attentive listening to the sounds that surround us; and another of protection or preservation of the identity sounds of a place.The sound landscape projects are developed as a systematic work of collecting sound data to identify its components, since the recording of the sound identity of each place is a document that helps to analyze the differential aspects of each environment. The field recordings, made in the environment, record the environmental sounds and give a sound image of the ephemeral moment in which they have been captured.

In this course, studies on the soundscape will be proposed applying methodologies of analysis, architecture and urban structures will be evaluated and new knowledge will be put into practice in the field of research and professional practice.

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