Designing the City: Emerging Cities and Territories

Community, City and Territory Resilience

The course Designing the City: Emerging Cities and Territories tackles the diversity and complexity of territories from a systemic perspective, learning from their patterns of change, and giving clues to more sustainable development that includes a spatial and holistic perspective as part of the transformation process. The course will introduce new international paradigms within urban studies to learn how to read emerging developments and, finally, how to intervene.

The subject is divided into sessions dedicated to topics that affect our highly urbanized lands such as global metropolises, self-constructed cities, spaces of emergency, divided cities, new urban utopias and spatial dystopias. The approach used is to analyse the structure and morphometrics of emerging territories to find vulnerabilities that lead to patterns of intervention to improve urbanity without losing social and spatial networks. Time and needs are considered the basis to tackle the fragility of territories from a sociospatial and complex perspective.

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